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Bridgestone Cavity Golf Irons

The Bridgestone cavity golf irons were produced with a very clean and classic look, showing elements of a quality design and craftsmanship. The J33C cavity golf irons have a very soft feel that the better players often prefer. They also have a very slight progressive offset which allows better players to be able to work the ball better with this straighter faced iron.

In the longer irons there is a lower center of gravity which therefore means the player has a better ability of lodging the ball higher and deeper into the air and in the shorter irons there is a higher center of gravity thus allowing players the choice to hit the ball straighter and longer with a more controlled stroke.

These Bridgestone cavity golf irons are also extremely good looking and pleasing to the eye. Their cavity back blades are very appealing specifically. The clubs provide a very classical look when teeing up with the cavity remaining unseen as well having the brand stamps understated.

The clubs also offered much higher forgiveness than what I was expecting. I found this to be slightly surprising. Upon hitting the shot I did notice a little loss of difference when I hit the ball on the face. But no loss of direction which again, was a little surprising. The cavity backed nature of these irons made them a joy to hit.

The progressive cavity backed muscle makes it easy to hit shots higher with the longer irons and deeply penetrating and driven shots with the mid to lower irons. The feel of these clubs in your hands feels very comforting which is a little surprising as Bridgestone isn't known for that benefit. All in all, the Bridgestone cavity golf irons were a joy to use and play with - I highly recommend them.