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Want Your Dog to Wear the Latest Designer Dog Clothes? - Here's

Your dog is your companion, best friend and holds a special place in your heart. He or she is a part of your family and a huge part of your life.

So, if you are a bit of a fashion diva yourself you'll almost certainly want your dog to be dressed likewise. This means one thing for your dog - Designer Dog Clothes!

Some dogs may be a little reluctant the first time you attempt to turn him or her into a fashion diva. If your dog is one of these then you have to exercise a little patience and a little nous.

If you want to start them on the road to becoming a fashion icon here are a few pointers to guide you on your way:

1) Start with a one piece loose fitting outfit that your dog can slip in and out of easily.

2) Don't rush; Talk gently and soothingly to them whilst slowly putting the garment on them. Stay calm and your pup will too. If you try to rush and are rough the dog will resist and only think of the experience as a bad one, making it very difficult to persuade him to try again.

3) Dress your dog daily or as often as you can to begin with. This will then become routine. If you dress your dog before taking him for a walk he will start to look forward to it as it means he's going out with you.

4) Praise your dog and cuddle him when dressed (this part is easy as he'll look so adorable)

5) Once you have got you pup happily wearing a one-piece outfit it is time, if you wish, to move on to multi piece ensembles. Using the same techniques your doggy will look forward to dressing up as much as any small child.

6) You and your dog must make the whole process enjoyable. If they start to chew at a garment just offer them a treat as a distraction.

They will soon realize that when wearing their latest fashion statement they garner lots of attention not only from you but from everyone they come into contact with. It won't be long before they will gladly strut their stuff in order to receive the plaudits and "how cute" comments from every passer-by.

So, with a a little patience at the introduction stage your dog will find being part of the wonderful world of fashion exciting and fun.